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House Calls

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Azra Hussaini, MD FACP

House Call & Telemedicine located in Catonsville, MD

Are you homebound or unable to make it to the doctor’s office? Schedule a house call with The Doc’s Here, led by Azra Hussaini, MD, FACP. During a house call with The Doc’s Here, you receive full, high-quality medical care in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Hussaini will do a whole patient evaluation where she assesses and listens to everything, and your most important issue will be addressed right away. Learn more today by contacting the practice online or over the phone.

House Calls Q & A

What are house calls?

As the phrase implies, house calls are medical consultations in your own home. The Doc’s Here offers house calls not only to private residences, but also assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice care homes. 

What services do house calls provide?

During a visit to your home, the practice can provide numerous services, including:

  • Chronic care management
  • Acute care (rapid flu tests, rapid COVID-19 tests, body aches, etc.)
  • Wellness and preventive medicine
  • Lab work and vaccinations

In addition, The Doc’s Here offers emergency medicine house calls. During an emergency medicine visit, the practice can provide services such as wound care and intervention during an allergic reaction.

What are the advantages of house calls?

In 1930, house calls made up about 40% of all physician visits, but by 1996 that percentage dropped to just .5%. Over the past few decades, however, house calls have begun to make a comeback.

House calls are regaining popularity for a number of reasons, chief among them advantages such as:


In an increasingly busy and chaotic world, house calls make life easier. Whether you can’t transport yourself to the doctor’s office because of health issues, or you don’t have the time or means to make the trip, house calls provide you with a convenient alternative.


If you struggle with a chronic condition that makes it difficult or treacherous to leave your home, or you don’t have the support you need, you may struggle to get the care necessary to stay healthy. 

House calls eliminate that problem by offering you accessibility to high-quality medical care in your own home. In addition, they allow you to spend more one-on-one time with Dr. Hussaini.

Quality of care

House calls afford your team the opportunity to learn more about your everyday environment, such as your home layout and support system, and how it affects your health. 

In addition, modern technology allows your team to offer you services that you previously could only receive at a doctor’s office, such as lab work and imaging. Together, these facts ensure that you receive high-quality care during a house call.

No matter your age, house calls offer personalized medical care experiences that can make your life and the lives of your loved ones better. To learn more about Dr. Hussaini’s accessible, inclusive, compassionate approach to care, call the office.