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Pre-op Evaluation

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Azra Hussaini, MD FACP

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If you’re scheduled for surgery, set yourself up for success by scheduling a pre-op evaluation with The Doc’s Here. The Doc’s Here offers pre-op evaluations in the clinic or in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Hussaini will do a whole patient evaluation where she assesses and listens to everything, and your most important issue will be addressed right away. To book your evaluation, call the practice today.

Pre-op Evaluation Q & A

What is a pre-op evaluation?

A pre-op evaluation is a comprehensive physical evaluation that you must complete at least 30 days before you have surgery. 

Pre-op evaluations ensure that you’re healthy enough to undergo surgery safely. They also provide valuable information that helps your surgeon and anesthesiologist customize your surgical care to best meet your needs.

What happens during a pre-op evaluation?

During a pre-op evaluation at The Doc’s Here, Azra Hussaini, MD, FACP, comes to your home to:

  • Review your medical and surgical history
  • Review your family history
  • Measure your height and weight
  • Measure your vital signs (pulse rate, body temperature, respiration rate, blood pressure)
  • Perform a thorough physical exam

During this time, she also goes over your current medication list and outlines for you the safest practices for taking your medication prior to your operation. 

In addition, if needed, Dr. Hussaini performs tests like electrocardiograms, urinalysis, blood tests, or X-rays.

Finally, if she deems it safe, she gives you clearance for surgery and guidance on how to prepare.

Dr. Hussaini believes strongly in providing her personal opinion to patients, and transparently outlining the pros and cons of going forward with your operation. If she has any concerns or finds any abnormalities in her tests, Dr. Hussaini discloses these to you and offers her recommendations on next steps.

Are pre-op evaluations necessary?

Pre-op evaluations are important and necessary. Not only do they make sure that you’re ready for surgery, but they help your surgical team understand what measures to implement in order to mitigate risk before and during the operation. 

All surgeries have some inherent risk, but their level of risk varies by the type of surgery you’re having and your health. Pre-op evaluations identify risk factors for pulmonary, cardiac, and infection-related complications. 

Because pre-op evaluations offer insight useful for surgery, they typically help create more successful outcomes, including shorter hospital stays.

If you’re getting ready for surgery, don’t neglect your pre-op evaluation. Instead, book an appointment with The Doc’s Here. To learn more about Dr. Hussaini’s accessible, inclusive, compassionate approach to care, call the office.